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“To all those who have felt unseen or unheard, you are not imagining your symptoms and you are not alone. To all women who have been told it’s normal to feel exhausted, stressed or to struggle with symptoms or made to feel it’s all in your head, it is not! You are not broken, you can heal. Let’s move mountains together”

Regardless of whether you are struggling with specific symptoms or one of several major conditions. Or simply curious about your hormones and your body and not sure if a hormonal imbalance and or gut troubles are at the heart of what you’re experiencing. All those symptoms, from bloating, acne, PMS, anxiety, heavy or painful periods, food cravings and so on are all messages from your body telling you something is off and needs to be corrected.

My methods not only evaluate every system in your body and how they are inter-related but also your nutrient intake, hormonal balance, gut health, stress levels, sleep quality and environment.

What if you knew you could get pregnant easily, when you’re ready to, without spending tens of thousands of dollars and months of physical and mental stress on fertility treatments – or you knew how to make those treatments more effective? What if you could look forward to heathy menstrual cycles and then a healthy menopause, free of hormone replacement therapy to manage all your symptoms or avoiding having to have a hysterectomy for fibroids? What about if you could wake up knowing that endo pain won’t make you pop pain killers (which damage the gut) just to make it through the day? How great would it be to not have to take the pill to suppress period pain, acne, endo or PCOS symptoms? The pill does not fix these! It just disguises the issues and suppresses the symptoms which isn’t treating the root cause and allowing you to truly heal. What if you could wake up each morning full of energy, vitality and body confidence?

The goal of my consults is to give you all the support, guidance and tools to be able to heal and live your best life. I share practical and actionable guidelines that have been clinically proven and that really work to help you reclaim your hormonal, gynaecologic, gut and whole health.

Perhaps you know something is up, can’t seem to get a diagnosis or you’ve been given a diagnosis and are confused about what you can do to heal naturally rather then just going with the pharmaceutical or surgical treatment you’ve been told is your only option.

Regardless of whether you are struggling or just curious to know more about your hormones and body or not quite sure if a hormonal imbalance is at the heart of what you’re experiencing. I invite you to start your journey to better health and wellbeing.

All appointments are currently virtual through secure video consultations. Phone appointments can be arranged if that is your preference.