Years of experiencing hormonal issues, painful periods, problematic skin, at times debilitating fatigue and gut issues left me wanting answers that my GP could not provide. I spent tireless hours throwing myself into research at a functional medicine level. During this process, I also found my passion and purpose. After a 20 year career in Senior Management (that left me stressed and exhausted) I decided to get accredited in the amazing and inspiring functional and holistic health industry.

I believe ‘knowledge is powerful’. I have such a passion for educating and inspiring individuals to listen to their bodies' deepest levels of wisdom. When you truly understand your health and body you make better decisions regarding your health and well-being. I am fascinated with the Mind Body Soul connection and can help you create a balanced, happier and healthier life through an Integrative Nutrition and Functional health approach.

I will encourage and help you understand what is going on in your body and together we will get to the root cause and recognise what your body is expressing rather than just treating your symptoms.

I have a passion and specialisation in Women’s Hormonal Health. My mission in life is to truly inspire and help women understand their incredible bodies better and to educate you to be able to rebalance your hormonal issues that lead to a host of unwanted symptoms like:

• Skin issues

• Menstrual Disorders


• Endometriosis

• Weight Gain

• Fatigue

• Infertility

• Thyroid conditions

• Cortisol Imbalances

• Estrogen Dominance

• Other Hormonal Imbalances


• HPA-Axis Dysfunction also commonly known as Adrenal Fatigue.

"My purpose is to inspire, educate and assist you in your journey to living your

healthiest and most vibrant life. As we go through the process together,

you will be able to gain clarity and wisdom to live a life of wellness and help

prevent future health implications."



Nicole Frost INHC HHP

Founder, Holistic Health Coach and Hormone Health Specialist