The Benefits of Blueberries

These little guys are truly a gift from nature. Blueberries always make it to the “Superfoods” list, and for very good reason!

These little berries are not only packed with Vitamin C, fibre, manganese and Vit K, they contain high levels of over 15 different types of antioxidant phytonutrients such as:


Resveratrol which is cardio-protective by strengthening the arteries and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Not to mention the amazing anti-ageing benefits for skin and overall health that you get from consuming resveratrol daily.

Quercetin – anti-inflammatory, pain relief, cardio-protective, reduces blood pressure, increases immunity and can ease respiratory conditions.

Caffeic Acid – Immunoregulatory, so is fantastic for those with autoimmune conditions as it calms an out of control immune response and boosts a sluggish one.

Cyanidin a skin protective chemical which is also great for diabetics and weight management. Is anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and makes our skin beautiful.

Kaempferol – a strong antioxidant, helps to prevent oxidative damage of our cells, lipids and DNA. Heart protective.


The antioxidant power of blueberries combines with vitamins A, C, E and K to offer protection from the free radical damage that is responsible for premature skin ageing and the development of some diseases, including cancer and diabetes. These powerful nutrients also help improve cell regeneration and strengthen capillaries, resulting in better skin tone and quality. High levels of anthocyanin (the compound that gives the blueberry its beautiful skin colour) ensure clear and healthy eyes. Even brain power is boosted by a daily handful of these colourful super berries.

The fruit is high in fibre but low in sugar, so they are the perfect healthy snack!

Blueberries are amazing either fresh or frozen. Please consider buying organic, as pesticides are sprayed directly onto the non-organically grown. They truly are one of the richest sources of disease fighting antioxidant rich gits from nature available to us. They are tiny powerhouses of important nutrients that keep mind and body in the very best of health.