Hormone Health

A healthy balance of hormones is a necessary component for overall health and wellness.

I am here to shine the light on an alternate path. One that leads to a life beyond chronic health problems. Problems that you may not understand you have control over!

The balance of your hormones affects, and is affected by all other systems in your body. You cannot separate hormone health from overall health. There is an interplay between hormone health and gut health and many other systems in the body.

I place a strong focus on concepts in functional medicine and integrative nutrition.


Functional medicine is an emerging field that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of disease, rather than just treating the symptoms. We currently live in a society that produces a quick fix pill for just about any problem under the sun. Unfortunately, these pills just mask symptoms and do not promote healing.

My integrative approach is about finding natural solutions to heal illness at the core. This approach is at the forefront of ‘healthcare’ unlike our current system of sick care.

My focus is on whole-body healing.

When I talk about hormone health I am referring to the chemicals and processes that occur within the Endocrine System. This amazing, yet complex system affects all other parts of the body. Our endocrine glands produce hormones that are used as chemical messengers throughout our bodies to help regulate vital processes including metabolism, growth and repair, sleep and reproduction. So the hormones produced by these glands carry out major functions of living.

These hormones travel directly throughout the body by a process called diffusion, they bind to a specific receptor cell to send it a chemical message to do its job! As a whole the endocrine system is composed of 9 major endocrine glands that all have a specific role. When one hormone is out of whack it generally will affect others in the body and will lead to an unbalanced hormonal system with sometimes debilitating symptoms of illness in the body.

Conditions like adrenal fatigue, menstrual disorders, acne, PCOS, Endometriosis, infertility, cortisol imbalance, thyroid conditions, estrogen dominance, low testosterone are the most common hormonal imbalances. And are all conditions that can be improved and reversed with an understanding of how to bring balance back to the endocrine system which is where my passion and expertise lie.

I can guide you to get to the root cause of your problems and help open up doors to health and wellness that you may have never imagined. I simply will guide you through targeted lifestyle shifts involving diet, self care, stress management, exercise and supplementation.

I can advise on:

• Special diets for certain conditions and what is unique to you. Bio-individuality is a key component to this as a one size fits all approach does not work.

• Toxins to avoid and detox from.

• Provide strategies to promote reproductive health.

• Refer you to appropriate tests and/or medical professionals if needed.

If you want to achieve the following:

Better sleep, more energy, reduced stress, improved digestion, relief from PMS symptoms, enhanced focus and clarity, stabilised blood sugar, weight management and better mood and overall whole body healing then I would love to be able to guide you on your wellness journey.